The Ultimate Walk

 The Ultimate Walk to End Alzheimer’s Champion- Krupp General Contractors

Walk to End Alzheimer’s - October 2nd, 2016 – Memorial High School in Madison

 Passion for building custom designs for clients and commitment to quality construction are nothing new to Krupp General Contractors. Having built or expanded many senior care communities in recent years, it is shocking to see how Dane County is not yet ready to serve the coming dementia crisis.  In fact, my husband, Scott, who has proudly worked for Krupp for nearly 13 years has built some of these very facilities.  Scott, like so many of us, lost his grandfather to Alzheimer’s many years ago.

 The story is the same for nearly 7,000 people living with a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s in Dane County today.  That number will explode to nearly 21,000 by 2050, according to the 2016 Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures annual report. 

 It may come as a great shock to many families that Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging. In fact, Alzheimer’s hits close to home for many families. New data shows nearly 1 out of 3 seniors will die with a form of dementia if no major intervention or therapy is developed.

 Hope is on the horizon for Alzheimer’s.

With great partnerships, such as ours with Krupp General Contractors, we can do something about the facts and find a way to stop Alzheimer’s disease.

 For the past three years, Krupp General Contractors has risen to the occasion and partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s®  as one of the leading corporate sponsors for the annual fall walk fundraiser, to be at Memorial High School on October 2,, 2016 this year. Alzheimer’s has touched many of the Krupp employees personally, just as it does for so many other families in the area.

 The Alzheimer’s Association and Walk to End Alzheimer’s® raises funds and awareness  to advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. I am proud to represent the Alzheimer’s Association in our community and share that we are the largest private funder of Alzheimer’s research and the primary voluntary health organization offering care and support to families dealing with Alzheimer’s.  All of our services are free for families.

  If Alzheimer’s disease is a concern for your family, reach out. Call us 24/7 at 800.272.3900 or visit to learn more about local resources and support provided by the South Central Wisconsin chapter, and others across the country.

 Your generosity will also help to advance research that will one day lead us to methods of prevention, treatment and, ultimately, a cure for the disease.   We need you. Every dollar counts in this fight — we encourage you to get involved with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s by starting a team, making a donation, and supporting our loved ones with dementia today.  Start today on