Crossing the great divide

We’re extremely proud of our new development, University Crossing, located at the corner of University Avenue and Whitney Way. Sure, it’s a good looking project with great architecture, and come the spring, some beautiful landscaping. But what we’re most proud of are our wonderful commercial tenants including University of Wisconsin Digestive Health Center, Potter Lawson, Associated Dentists, Energy Center of Wisconsin, EVP Coffee, Snap Fitness and many more to follow - as well as our residential tenants at University Row Apartments.

We’re also delighted that we could take what was known as the “Erdman Property” and enhance it by adding to the Madison tax base and creating a vibrant, 14 acre development that will continue to add value as the property, in time, will have three more buildings, more than 1,200 people working there, and indoor, surface and ramp parking for staff and visitors. This was, and continues to be, a model urban infill development.

P.S. The roof of the parking garage is a “green roof” - it’s quite fantastic if you’d like to see it.