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Tom and Kathy Marks (TMA+Peritus) have championed the effort to update our website for at least the last six months. Remember a good website is a living document that must be refreshed regularly. The customer experience from navigating a dysfunctional website says a great deal about you and your business. Don’t go there. Allowing for easy mobile browsing will open our website to a new audience and provide better overall functionality. This does not necessarily mean we will gain points with our customers, but a bad website could mean we are losing customers we don’t even know we’re losing.

There are unintended consequences with just about all of our actions and we don’t want digital illiteracy to unwittingly plague our business. So even if we run in place, we won’t be losing ground. Generally, the purpose of this mobile friendly website update is to best feature our recent construction projects and tell our story, explaining how we can satisfy all of your commercial construction related objectives just as we have for our many repeat customers and friends. This website is our on-demand, go anywhere interactive color brochure. Check out the gallery’s before and after pictures in the renovation gallery. My favorites are the Middleton Ford building and Blacksmith shop. Happy web browsing!